Consulting Services

Find creative solutions to problems and develop new business


Deep and Varied Practical Experience

When opportunities and problems need to be identified, and solutions need to be designed, we can help with cross-disciplinary strategic thinking. With decades of deep and varied business and technology experience, and our partners can help you build solutions that allow you to develop business, exploit AI, and profit from the Circular Economy

Consulting Services Portfolio

Envisioning Workshops

Understand what problems should be solved 

Activities include:

  • Analysis of stakeholder needs and requirements 
  • Pinpoint and prioritise problems, risks and opportunities 
  • Establish the role of Deep Tech to address identified issues  

Strategy Development

Provide clarity, structure and direction to organisation-wide Deep Tech initiatives. 

Activities include:

  • 360 degree analysis including competition, gaps and human factors
  • Project scoping
  • Clear setting of goals, objectives, strategies and tactics  

Solution Design

Design a 360 solution to meet identified and prioritised needs.

Activities include:

  • Concept development and criteria for prioritisation
  • Architecture and product planning
  • Change planning

AI Development

Take advantage of the powerful AI capabilities that are now within the reach of any organisation – regardless of size or technical capability. 

Activities include:

  • Strategy and planning
  • AI solution design
  • AI solution development and deployment

Deep Tech Use Case Scenarios


Scenario: Harness The Power of AI
AI is getting a lot of attention because it improves efficiency and effectiveness. We can now train computers to perform better than humans in many tasks. Financial gains from AI can be direct and quantifiable.


Scenario: Perfecting Customer Experience
Technology enables the end of “good enough” and allows meaningful attention to customer experience. Where ever technology disrupts established business, its because the customer experience is transformed to better meet their needs.


Scenario: Profit From The Circular Economy
Toyota, Chipotle, Ikea, Unilever, Nike, Tesla, and Whole Foods have succeeded in doing what few thought possible – making sustainability profitable. What are the drivers?
A global median of 51% say climate change is already harming people around the world, while another 28% believe it will do so in the next few years