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Deep Tech courses currently available

COVID-19 Demystified

Free course to help non-experts make sense of the scientific and mathematical complexity behind fighting COVID-19

AI for Leaders

Learn how to develop AI capacity across your organisation.

AI for Designers

A 10-day Blended Learning course that takes designers on a journey from zero knowledge to practical planning and implementation skills

Machine Learning Maths and Modelling

Gain a solid understanding of some of the concepts behind commonly used machine learning methods and the statistical concept.

Go Below Zero

Learn how to frame climate change mitigation and sustainability and make informed decisions that lead to sustainable innovation.Services

AI Demystified

Through hands-on experience, understand practical ways that AI can help your organisation become more productive and effective.   

ZEP Island

Free – learn what it would take for each of us to get to zero CO2 emissions

Digital Technologies Demystified

Develop your capacity to add value, innovate, and distinguish your organisation in a digitally competitive marketplace. 

Leveraging AI in Financial Services

Acquire the core skills, concepts and knowledge needed to use and implement AI in financial services.

ZEP Island (Teacher Edition)

Free – learn what it would take for each of us to get to zero CO2 emissions