Go Below Zero

Author: Mike Lloyd | Date: 19 Dec 2019

Microsoft will be carbon negative by 2030. If Microsoft can do it, so can your organisation. But what needs to change, and how carbon negative changes lead to increased profitability? These are the biggest questions of our times and something that learn-tech.io is striving to answer with Go Below Zero.

Climate change mitigation is full of numbers
What numbers matter?
What mitigation strategies do the numbers suggest?

These are the questions behind learn-tech.io’s “Go Below Zero” project.

The primary aim of Go Below Zero is to unscramble the numbers and units associated with climate change mitigation to enable people to make better decisions.

A summary video of project is available below. The video discusses

  • Climate Change Processes 
  • Questions About Impact
  • Solutions
  • learn-tech.io climate change mitigation projects

A summary video, called “Getting to Zero” is here: https://vimeo.com/380543072

Summary slides are here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s412y5e5i0zw050/Getting%20to%20Zero%20Presentation.pdf?dl=0