Dr Kristen Weatherby

Education Technology Policy Leader

Kristen is a senior education leader whose 20+ year career has included leadership roles in some of the largest global public and private sector players in technology and education. At Microsoft, she led initiatives to support schools and teachers integrating technology into teaching and learning in the US, UK and worldwide. At the OECD, she worked with governments and partners in 34 countries to direct the development and implementation of the Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS), which surveyed 104,000 teachers about their working conditions and learning environment. Most recently, she helped develop and launch the University College London’s EDUCATE programme, a pioneering accelerator programme aimed at helping educational technology start-ups develop world class products and ideas. Her research examines technology use in schools and in teacher professional development, as well broader issues impacting international teacher policy. Kristen currently helps startups, SMEs and other organisations understand, measure and communicate their impact in education.

Research and evaluation: Discover what the research says about your product or idea and its impact on learners.

International education policy and trends: Learn how education policy and practice around the world influences or aligns to your challenges

Education market advice and guidance: Understand how to successfully implement your product or idea in schools.

Programme development and management: Benefit from Kristen’s 15+ years’ experience creating and leading programmes and projects for organisations in the public and private sectors