John Curry

AI Practitioner

John is delighted to partner with as they share a vision of drawing on a broad and deep technological capability to achieve social and economic goals.

A great believer that AI cannot achieve much in a vacuum, John frequently branches out beyond AI into other fields such as product development, computing infrastructure, marketing, economics or Internet of Things in order to build products that traverse the online and offline worlds. 

In 2014, John led the effort for Singapore‚Äôs Dataspark to build a successful capex optimization tool for Telcos.  He returned to Ireland in 2016 to run one of the earliest experiments in distributed machine learning for the Irish public sector.  He is currently working on the development of demand forecasting applications powered by recurrent neural networks and on embedded machine learning for IoT.

John is also keenly interested in capability development and enjoys training and advising up and coming Data Scientists and data-enabled executives.  He designed and teaches a course in data analytics and Fintech for bankers in University College Dublin and looks forward to creating more compelling deep tech courses with