The Team

Through our partners, associates and task force we are able to tackle a wide range of projects – big and small – across a breadth of industries


Mike Lloyd
Dr Kristen Weatherby
Education Technology Policy Leader
John Curry
AI Practitioner
Ian Myles
Award Winning Designer and Entrepreneur


Eva Yang
STEM Entrepreneur
Michelle Katics
FinTech Entrepreneur
Clare Brass
Designer, Circular Economy Innovator
Dr Alexandra Syzova
Data-Driven Business Developer

Deep Tech Task Force

Kai Visser
Astrophysics, Deep Learning
Laura Graham
Business Law and Computer Science
Lavonda Li
Chemical Engineering
Ben Westhenry
Physics and AI
Aditya Divakaran
Robotics and AI
Rhianna McGill
Engineering Mathematics
Andreas Schoinas
Mechanical Engineering and Robotics
Tani Demian
Tony Wang
Mechanical Engineering and Internet of Things
Vangellis Sotirchos
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Jasmine Cornish
Noah Wescombe
Insight Writer, Blockchain and Cyber